1st Portrait- Brittany 1995   SOLD

Three months after I started painting (1995) a customer from my restaurant asked if I could paint her daughter from a photo. I said I could; in truth I had never tried it, but I needed the money! Yes, even a restaurant owner can be a "starving artist!" See the photo I worked from next.. They were very pleased and I was baffled as to how I actually did it!

Portrait of Cathy1995   SOLD

This was the second portrait I did back in 1995. Then I also did another portrait of Cathy a few years later but unfortunately I cannot find the pictures or contact info..

Portrait From Photo 1996  SOLD

Again, this is so unfortunate that due to my slight brain injury from when I coded I cannot remember some important details; this is one of those occasions! I have the side by side photos of the before and after but I did not write on the back of the photo who this handsome officer was. As for my notes from back then- after my accident in 2005, everything was boxed up and stored. Then, when I coded and went into a coma in '09, no one had much hope I would do anything ever again. I'm BAAAACK!

Beets n Onion n Blue Bowl

9x12 inches Oil on canvas Beets an Onion and a Blue Bowl.

Berry Thankful

11 x 14 Oil on canvas A bright arrangement that is something to be thankful for year round...

A Heavenly Or'ange'ment   (SOLD)

A Heavenly Or'ange'ment 14 x 11inches oil/canvas

Lily Of The Valley    Not For Sale

Lily Of The Valley In A Turquoise Vase 12x16 oil/canvas Not For Sale

Apples, Aura Wisp of Light

Apples Aura Wisp Of Light 9x12 oil/canvas