1995 - 2005   My Old Life

Here are some more of my earlier Murals from my first life as a painter when I used the name Gazelle.


Although my career only started in 1996 and having never had any training I was very fortunate to have made a living, won awards (only two Patron Awards but I only entered two shows) but I also had quite a bit of publicity for my works. This included being a guest on the show, Southern Styles with Diane DeVaughn-Stokes which was prior to my meeting her in the play a couple years later. I also was interviewed on WBTW Ch13 News, Joy 92 Radio, and had numerous write ups in local as well as regional newspapers.

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© 2015 by Karen Pellegrino

Attorney's Residence Mural

This was a big project from 1999 in Plantation Point, Myrtle Beach that belonged to a prominent local attorney. I needed a scissor lift for this one: Ten feet up in the kitchen, this measured about 10' Ft H X 25' Ft W. I also started the second wall that was to have Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler dancing but due to illness had to leave it for another artist to finish. I should have taken better pics before I left, they're pretty blurry. But you get the idea, right...